Business and intellectual property law professionals in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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We have a reputation as reliable partners because we operate as Truly Yours

During our 30 years of operation, we have earned a reputation as reliable legal professionals. We have the largest team of European patent attorneys in the Baltic States.

For whom we are today and how we operate, we couldn’t find a better description than Truly Yours. Direct. Professional. Caring.

About us
The client's goal is important

We enter partnership with venturous confidence for our clients. We care about the client’s goals and needs as much as they do themselves, therefore, when we reach them, we are just as happy as they are.

Each of us is important

The client’s business result is ensured by our talent, that is fully supported by the firms internal culture. It is because of this atmosphere that the AAA Law team includes a number of the best professionals in their field on the market, but, most importantly the team includes wonderful people, who are the foundation of our culture.

The decision is important

We completely realize how unique each situation is, thus we do not use a template and instead examine each case individually. This is how we find the answers to the question “how”: it cannot be otherwise because we have experience and niche expertise. This is how the solution that works best for you is born.

This makes us Truly Yours. Honest. Professional. Caring.

What works for others doesn't necessarily work for you.

A team that understands you

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