By being true to ourselves, we remain true to you.

Cooperation based on trust is important to us. Therefore, we present solutions with your best interests in mind.

30 years
of experience
in the market

We are united by an open, harmonious and dedicated team, whose values have remained unchanged for decades. When representing clients, we don’t look for the easiest way, we find the one that works best for you. We work this way because of our belief that our goals and those of our clients are common, and we pursue them by being open, fostering human connection and mutual respect.

A team of 40 legal professionals and patent attorneys in the Baltic countries
Leadership in intellectual property law
Personal and sincere insight into emerging business challenges

Historical moments

The beginning

Mr. Armīns Pētersons successfuly becomes the first Trade mark, Patent and Design attorney in Latvia (No. 1 in the Registry). He establishes the IP law and patent agency PĒTERSONA PATENTS and the same year becomes a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA).

Expanding partnership worldwide

We become members of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI).

Shaping market practice

PĒTERSONA PATENTS represents a client in the first trade mark infringement case before the Court of the Republic of Latvia and contributes to the development of case law on trade mark regulation in the market.

Getting to know identity of brand owners

We become trustworthy members of MARQUES – The Association of European Trade Mark Owners.

Joining international Trade Mark community after Latvia‘s accession to the EU

For the first time we join the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) and expand the knowledge and experience of Community trade marks (now EU trade marks) in the local market.

International membership

PĒTERSONA PATENTS takes membership in the unique International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI), consisting exclusively of IP attorneys in private practice. We broaden partnership with the world‘s leading IP professionals.

New partner

The Trade Mark and Design attorney Gatis Meržvinskis becomes a partner at PĒTERSONA PATENTS.

Enhancing collaboration in the Baltics

Following the growing demand for IP services, we establish a closer cooperation with the Estonian law firm AAA Legal services and Lithunian law firm AAA Law, extending and strengthening the range of services provided.

Pan-Baltic partnership

PĒTERSONA PATENTS and the Lithuanian law firm AAA Law join forces and launch services in the Baltics. Gatis Meržvinskis becomes the managing partner.

25 years of excellence

The team of PĒTERSONA PATENTS celebrates its 25th anniversary highlighting the firm‘s prosperous experience in the IP field. That year Dr. Artis Kromanis, first in the Baltics, passes the European Patent Attorney Examination and becomes a qualified European Patent Attorney.

Change of company's name

PĒTERSONA PATENTS changes the company’s name to PĒTERSONA PATENTS – AAA LAW, following the enhanced cooperation among the Baltic offices.

Team’s growth

The firm welcomes two new partners to the team – Kristine Viļķina, a Latvian and European Trademark and Design Attorney and Dr. Artis Kromanis, a Latvian and European Design and Patent Attorney.

30 years anniversary

We celebrate our 30 years of excellence and rebrand to AAA Law, which unites our prominent legal professionals, who are one of the largest teams of Trade mark, Design and Patent Attorneys in the Baltic States.