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News April 12, 2022

Invitation to the IP conference “The World in the Baltics – the Baltics in the World” VILNIUS, 9-10 JUNE, 2022

Working with IP rights as engine of innovation and development of society’s economy and science, Baltic conference organizers believe in necessity of dialogue, democracy and mutual peaceful cooperation as fundament to the benefit of all people and invite every IP professional to join us in the conference as the sign of solidarity.

At the conference we will discuss the latest global trends in intellectual property protection and their impact for the Baltic States. Well-known public and private speakers will present their insights on the unitary patent, the differences in invention protection between EU and US, EU design reform, the challenges of sustainable packaging design, new trends in green trademarks, registration and use of international trademarks in local markets. The day of the conference will end with a discussion of business representatives from the Baltic States on the challenges they face in protecting their intellectual property around the world.

The Baltic Intellectual Property Conference has always been a great place to meet old friends, colleagues and meet new ones – the organizers promise a great time at the opening reception and gala dinner!

We express our full support to Ukraine and Ukraine IP professionals and invite them to participate in the conference free of charge online or in person, if possible.

Support and take advantage to register and apply for special Early bird fee.

REGISTRATION: www.ipbalticconference.lt