News October 1, 2020

The Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia launches an e-service system for patents

As of today, October 1st, 2020, the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia has launched an electronic service system for patents. This system supplements the already existing e-services for trademarks and industrial designs with 8 completely new e-services for patents.

Petersona Patents–AAA Law had the privilege to participate in the development stage of this system, and thus could provide meaningful feedback to the Patent Office, which allowed implementation of functions in the system that better serve our clients’ needs.

Furthermore, our patent attorneys and specialists are one of the first in Latvia to have gained substantial first-hand experience with the system and starting today will primarily rely on the electronic service system to ensure that our clients benefit from the much faster information processing and service rendering in even more operative manner.

We also emphasize that from today we will employ automatically generated receipt documents from the system, therefore going forward our clients will receive slightly different reports than before.